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Choose your luggage wisely.

Suitcases are an investment that allow for smoother travel as you navigate bus, train, plane and uneven streets. I love using backpacks or bags that allow for a backpack conversion so my hands are free, and I'm forced to pack lighter. 

Recently, I upgraded my Patagonia MLC and added another backpack of the same size to my collection. Use a company that has a guarantee, such as L.L. Bean, Patagonia, or Eagle Creek. For a well thought-out weekender bag, check out the Rhodes duffel (for men) and the Catalina (for women) at Lo & Sons


The high price on a good quality bag may initially seem unreasonable, but if it lasts for years and serves you, rather than weighing you down, I'd say it's worth the investment.

Washing on the go

Hand washing can be your best friend, particularly in remote areas. I'd recommend a powder, rather than liquid, just in case your small container loosens or breaks along the way. A high efficiency brand can help the powder to go a long way, and will help your wardrobe go further, especially when packing light. Depending on your overall length of travel, I'd say an ounce would suffice, and you can use your sink or bathtub to freshen up those undies.

Light up the night

If you want to avoid bumps and bruises in the night, try this trick: pack a small night light! Make sure it either fits the outlet of the country you're visiting, or that you have the correct adapter. Hopefully that smidge of light removes falls and fumbles as you navigate your way to the bathroom or the door at 2a.m. 

Handy Universal Adapters

The last time I purchased a universal adapter, I had no idea I'd be headed to NZ. Thankfully, I purchased one that not only allowed a US and UK plug to be converted, but included prongs for Europe, NZ/Australia, the UK, along with a USB connector. Choose something that will work for several countries, even if you're not sure you'll ever go. Having more options in one converter allows more adaptability and cuts costs in the long run. For multiple USB ports, consider something like this.

Bring battery back-up packs.

It's worth investing in an additional camera battery pack. While I'm in the middle of trying to capture a sunset or magical moment, there's nothing worse than clicking away...and then...nothing. I always keep an eye on the battery level and have a fully charged replacement on me, just in case. Having that peace of mind allows me to click away and stay present.

Back-up that computer!

Backing-up photos as you travel is essential, especially if you don't have reliable wifi updating regularly to online storage. I use this light and small hard drive to make sure my computer isn't the only place holding all of my valuable information. Because wifi can be unreliable, I recommend purchasing one that includes a usb cable. If you want to be extra careful, purchase some online storage as well. Better safe than sorry.

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