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After attending the recent Travel and Leisure show, I got the helpful tips to download Hopper, a mobile-only app predicting the best deals and times to fly. Once you decide what's best, visit the airline directly and book on a Sunday, when flights are almost always cheaper.


Got multiple reservations and people on one trip? This app is excellent at organizing all of your travel details in one place. Simply forward your reservation email to, and voila, it's imported. Keep adding until everything is added, and then invite your friends to the same trip. Every one has access and can make changes, if necessary. It's a great way to organize a trip and share travel plans. 

Budget-friendly accommodation

Hostelworld has been a great resource for me on the road. What I love about this app is that the reviews are honest, and the company itself also rates outstanding properties. I choose to get the "Flexible Booking" when checking out, just in case my plans change -- a perfect fall-back when traveling on the fly or booking way in advance. Private rooms, if applicable, are also offered and can be a good option for a small budget, while also allowing for some privacy.

Reviews are key, so if you do book, make sure you leave an accurate rating, as well as honest feedback for travelers who follow in your footsteps.

About hostels...they've seriously stepped up their game. Take a look at some of the Most Unusual Places to Stay from Hostelworld. From modern and swanky to relaxed and poolside, there's something for everyone.

Get social on the road

Like the idea of a Meet Up group, but nothing quite fits the bill? Try Travello. I haven't used this app yet, but am looking forward to giving it a go.


Basically, you create a profile and connect to your Instagram feed and Facebook. This allows you to search for travelers in your vicinity, direct message them within the app, and use their message board as your little community connector for deals and meet-ups. The Wifi-finder shows hotspots, in case you have issues with coverage or phone plans. If you've used this app, let me know what you think!


**A note of caution: While this app seems helpful and fun, remember to always be mindful of online and in-person security. Don't give away too much information, and always follow your gut.**

A Map App that doesn't require data or wi-fi.

If you know that you'll be without wi-fi or data, try this free app:

Before you get out of range, download the area you want to view. Once the map is in your phone, you can use it as a navigation system or simply as a current location finder. 

Another option is to download a region or a specific To/From journey in Google Maps. This app will allow you to view the course offline, and even navigate so you can be hands-free.

Last minute airport change? Try this app.

Many big cities have multiple airports. You may have checked your confirmation emails, verified online, and anywhere else to make sure you know where to be, with enough time to check bags and make the flight. Unfortunately, airlines can change your departure airport at the last minute, and if you haven't allowed enough time to reroute, you may miss your flight. To avoid this issue, leave enough travel time and download the Tripcase app. Simply import your itenerary, and their tools will help manage all the details.

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